neon video booth

We invite you to take a look at our amazing product, the Neon Video Booth – a new way to create amazing videos, gifs, photos, and even flipbooks. What does it do? Guests at your client’s event, holding either a white led spray can or a led pen, paint beautiful neon colors on a monitor in real time! How does it work? Once the record button is pressed, the software detects and tracks the white light the guests are holding. The processing is made in real time, showing all the guest’s actions on the monitor live while a timer counts down on the screen. After they finish, the guests receive their party favor as a video, a flipbook (requires Video Flip Creator v8), a gif, or a photo.

What’s great about it? Guests find it extremely fast and very simple to use. You don’t have to explain what to do with it since it’s so intuitive and the resulting party favor will push them to share it with other guests effectively increasing the product’s exposure.

This is in no way light painting via DSLR with long exposure! This is a sophisticated algorithm built into the software.

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